NAA 2019 Fundraiser

Alumni King & Queen Contest

The Annual Fundraiser

of the
National Alumni Association
Saint Augustine’s University

Homecoming 2019 is the week of October 27 through November 2. The crowning of Alumni King and Queen will be held as part of the Wiley and Mary Davis Scholarship Gala, on Friday, November 1, 2019, at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, 421 S. Salisbury St., Raleigh, NC.

As with previous years, each chapter is asked to have one or two representatives in this contest.  You may choose to have both a KING and a QUEEN contestant or simply choose one or the other.  Each contestant or chapter controls and determines how they will fundraise for this event.  NAA raffle tickets will be provided, as in the past, to each chapter. Chapters may request number of tickets as needed. Raffle tickets will be available at the CIAA Tournament in Charlotte.

If your chapter does not have a King or Queen contestant to compete this year, we are requesting that you hold a fundraiser or fundraisers and purchase a block of raffle tickets to sell to support the Wiley Davis Scholarship Gala or a contestant from another chapter.

This year we are strongly suggesting that all NAA members, those affiliated with a chapter and at-large members solicit ads for our Program Book. Ads will greatly increase our revenue and allow us to give a larger donation to the University on behalf of all members of NAA and defray some of the cost of the event.

Contacts: Lillian Scott Lee, Alumni King/Queen Chairperson;
Maria Springfield-Rashid, Co-Chairperson; Barbara Scott Akinwole, coordinator and NAA secretary

Important Dates and Times

February Announcement of Contest and Distribution of Additional Information
Homecoming 2019 Raffle tickets available at CIAA and mailed to Chapter Presidents
March Application materials due from interested contestants by March 1 Contestants invited to Summer Conference
April Contestants announced through mass email message from NAA/OAA
June 27-30 Summer Conference (Contestants or a chapter representative should attend the Summer Conference.)
August 1 Updates sent to contestant, including reminder of contest end.
September 1 and October 1 Contest deadline reminder sent to contestants about mailings to NAA-SAU P.O. Box.
October 11 Deadline of ALL Ads for contest consideration.
October 18 Deadline for receipt of ALL King and Queen contest money.
TBD Final Reconciliation of contest monies received. The winner(s) will be announced following the close of the reconciliation.
Homecoming Alumni King and Queen Coronation/Wiley & Mary Davis Scholarship Gala-participation by all contestants.

Download Contest Information PDF Files Here: